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At Roo we believe that knowledge is power and we also believe in the power of sharing our knowledge. Roo Resources is a continually-updated reference center where we share Caron’s thoughts and experiences, articles, opinions, books and work by fellow thought leaders in our space.


Caron recommends these resources to help navigate family life.


Roo Approved Books: Honesty


Roo Approved Books: Moving


Roo Tips: Dinner Games


Roo Tips: Allowance


Explore external link that Caron finds helpful for parenting and family life.


One of the most commonly asked questions from families that I get is, "How do I find quality content for my kids to engage with on their devices?"  I love this question because, in my opinion, this is the most important aspect to be aware of when our kids are spending time on screens.


I always say that should be your go to! Common Sense Media is a site where you can access reviews from child psychologist and child development experts on all types of content from gaming, shows, movies and social media apps. This helps parents make informed decisions on what is allowed and why. 


Roo Tip: Go through this site with your child and together pick out what is okay to engage with and what is not. This keeps everyone in the know and also involves your child providing some autonomy which is always important when we are establishing rules and expectations.


As a parent I am starting to think about getting my soon-to-be 12 year old a smartphone. I am still not 100% sure when we are going to embark on this, but I have found this three part tip sheet series from Children and Screens super helpful in informing our decision. Find it here.


The Coping Toolbox, Child Pshyc Podcast is one of my go-tos. I find it helpful as a mother as well as a practitioner. Recently I listened to their podcast on The Adolescent Brain and thought it was a MUST for parents. Although I am not in the adolescent phase yet (thank goodness, time is going fast!) I liked their perspective and I think being in the know as to whats to come is always a good thing as a parent.


Explore Caron's video content, where she demonstrates useful parenting tips.

We all need an outlet to blow off steam when we're stuck inside for an extended period of time. Check out Caron's tips for movement.

Celebrate and remind your children of the great skills that they show throughout the week using Caron's DIY Shine Box.

We all need an outlet to blow off steam when we're stuck inside for an extended period of time. Check out Caron's tips for movement.

Teaching kids to take deep breaths when they have big emotions can be a tricky concept. Let's teach them how.

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