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Roo Kids

This specialized service is designed for Caron to work in-person with children aged 4-12 years, supporting them with such challenges as fears and anxiety (general anxiety, separation anxiety, social anxiety and/or performance anxiety), emotional regulation or unforeseen circumstances (illness or death of a loved one, separation or divorce). The work will be play-based, hands-on, evidence-based, relatable, fun and practical, and children will be able to transfer what is learned in sessions to everyday situations.


The first session includes a 30 minute parent intake call, with Caron over Zoom, followed by a 50 minute one-on-one therapeutic session in-person at our Toronto-based Play Space.


Not sure how we can help? 


At Roo, we offer a free 15-minute session, where we will discuss your needs and challenges and discover a path to help support your parenting goals.

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