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Roo Corporate

Roo has deep experience within the corporate sector. Whether it is as an ongoing resource providing one-on-one coaching for an employee base, custom seminars (live or virtual), content creation or through on demand videos, Roo understands how to meet the needs of our corporate partners no matter what the industry or location in Canada.

Corporate Seminars

Caron Irwin, founder of Roo, will facilitate a 60-minute seminar. This is an opportunity for working parents to learn practical tips and strategies on a specific parenting topic, receive answers to their pressing parenting questions and connect and learn from other parents.

Seminars can be provided in person or virtually. Seminars can be geared towards all age groups (2-18 years). Participants will receive a follow up summary of the seminar tips and strategies.


Sample Seminar Topics:

Setting Up Families for Success, Routines and Consistency - Support for Busy Families, Help Parents Support Their Child’s Mental Health

Roo Video Series

Roo can create custom videos for working parents providing practical and tangible parenting strategies and tools. Videos can be uploaded to an internal website and accessed by employees at any time.

Employee Support Packages

Work with Roo to create a custom support strategy for your working parents.

Not sure how we can help? 


At Roo, we offer a free 15-minute session, where we will discuss your needs and challenges and discover a path to help support your parenting goals.

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