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Parenting is Hard.
So is Being a Kid.
Roo Can Help.

Welcome to Roo

Roo is a one-of-a-kind consultancy, founded by Caron Irwin, committed to helping families – one day, and one step, at a time. Her goal is to support kids and families by providing practical and effective strategies to address their needs while reflecting their individual goals and lifestyle. 


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We are in it.


Caron Irwin is a Canadian-based certified Child Life Specialist and founder of Roo. She holds a Master Degree in Early Childhood Studies and was a support expert at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for over a decade. During her tenure at Sick Kids, Caron was instrumental in helping hundreds of families understand and alleviate the stress and uncertainty of hospitalization by using evidence-based, developmentally-appropriate interventions which included therapeutic play and education to reduce fear, anxiety and pain.


Since founding Roo in 2018, Caron has been using those same skills and methodologies to support families across the country as they navigate their family journey. Caron is known for her compassionate, yet straightforward and effective, approach to her practice and has what has been described as a ‘magician's touch’ with children.

The Roo Approach


Immediate assistance for time sensitive challenges experienced by families every day.

In-person support for children between the ages of 6-12 at our Toronto Play Clinic.

Tailored packages and coaching programs for businesses to offer to employees as an added benefit.


“We reached out to Caron after months of sleepless nights.  When the pandemic began our 8 year old daughter started sleeping in our bed.  This was disruptive to both her sleep and ours, leaving us all exhausted.  Caron helped us formulate a step-by-step approach for her bedtime routine that effectively eased her back into her bedroom.  She is now falling asleep in her bed independently and sleeping through the night.  Caron’s insight and expertise helped to get us back on track and sleeping well!" 

Kim, Parent of 3


Not sure how we can help? 


At Roo, we offer a free 15-minute session, where we will discuss your needs and challenges and discover a path to help support your parenting goals.


Get in Touch

Email:  /  Tel: 416-559-0420   

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