Roo x Loop Learning

Roo Family has partnered with Loop Learning to provide educational support to the Roo family. Our goal is to provide parents with tangible and effective strategies to help empower them to support their children with their learning needs.



Sam Tremaine is a Toronto-based mother of three and founder of Loop Learning. She holds a Masters in Education, has over 20 years of teaching experience and is formally trained in dyslexia learning methods, mindfulness and licensed to work with children and teens with ADHD.


Sam believes that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to education. She is passionate about discovering each child's unique learning style and pulls from her extensive knowledge to create a plan that is unique to each child and family that she supports.

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Roo Family and Loop Learning have created three unique services offerings exclusive to the Roo family. All offerings are provided through a 60-minute, one-on-one coaching session with Loop Learning founder, Sam Tremaine.

Each session includes:


• Roo x Loop Questionnaire to understand more about your child and their learning needs •

• 60-Minute Coaching Session via phone or zoom •

• Roo x Loop Follow Up Materials •

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Early Literacy and Numeracy Skills – 60-Minute Coaching Session

This session will focus on teaching parents fun, multi-sensory activities they can do with their child at home to build literacy, numeracy skills and confidence. Session includes customized literacy and numeracy strategies based on child’s age and skill level.

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Focus Skills –
60-Minute Coaching Session

This session will provide parents with simple and effective strategies to help improve their child’s focusing skills. Parents will learn how to empower their child to regulate their energy and focus, as well as stay calm and engaged during school and homework time. This session is ideal for parents of children ages 6-10 years.

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Homework Skills –
60-Minute Coaching Session

This session will provide parents with tips and strategies to help take the overwhelm out of homework time and develop tools for children to be productive and calm. Strategies will be catered to each individual family’s unique homework experience, focusing on time management skills and tips to regulate stress.

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